What do you see when you look in the mirror? Or do you avoid it entirely?

For so many women, their reflection shows signs of stress from the ‘busy-ness’ of life. Fatigue and strain from juggling all of their commitments with work, children, family, relationships and life. And stubborn extra weight because they’re simply not getting the chance to take care of themselves in the ways that they need.

A recent Australian Bureau of Statistics’ National Health Survey showed that 67% of Australian adults were overweight or obese. That’s 12.5 million people nation-wide!

With 2 out of 3 adults struggling to maintain their healthy weight, it won’t surprise you to hear that this is the most common reason people come to me as a Health Coach.

But it’s only ever an outer symptom of what’s going on inside my client’s bodies, minds and life.

So how do you fix it?

Counting calories? Ditching carbs? Meditation? Detox? Intermittent fasting? The latest superfood? Keto? More or less exercise? All of the above? Or none of the above?!

No wonder so many people are confused.

We’re all unique, and depending on what is happening under the surface for you,  Dr Google isn’t going to give you all the answers. It’s so important to create a personalised plan which is based on your individual circumstances, not what the latest health trend is.

Why turn to a Health and Wellness Coach?

As a Health Coach, I deliver premium care to my clients to transform their health and ultimately their lives. I’m here to listen with kindness and look at the whole picture, so we can unravel any tricky health issues and heal the root causes through slow and steady lifestyle changes.

It’s also about helping you set goals for the long-term, and devising a strategy to help you rebalance your health. Most importantly, as a Health Coach, I’ll be there for accountability and ongoing support so you create sustainable, permanent changes.

Here are five great reasons to seek out a Health Coach, to stop battling with your body and reclaim your health.

1. You’ll Get a Personalised Plan for Your Exact Situation

In addition to your specific health concerns, a Health Coach will take into account your daily responsibilities, stress levels, work and family dynamics, because these all affect how well you’re able to integrate new, healthier habits.

With a Health Coach as your wellness co-pilot, you’ll work together to develop a customised plan that takes your individual physical, emotional and lifestyle factors into account and fits with the way you live.

Perhaps you need speedy recipes or a new exercise plan that you love, rather than dread?

Your program will be as unique as you are, so that it ultimately leads you to permanent, positive change.

2. Guidance Rather Than Overwhelm

Everywhere you look, you’ll find the latest (and often questionable) diet and fitness fads that have hit the market. So often pushed by slick marketing campaigns, they’re touted as the answer to everyone’s problems.

Some fads are downright dangerous, and others may be less so, but they can still have negative health effects if they simply aren’t right for you.

Because where you think you’re out of balance, may not be the case. Your Health Coach will be your wellness detective, and look into your behaviours, biochemistry, eating habits, emotions, mind-body connections, lifestyle and more.

Rather than be overwhelmed by all of the information available on the Internet and attempt to self-navigate, I suggest you get to the heart of your issues with a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

They’ll help you identify and integrate sensible, sustainable practices to nurture your body to a healthier place, and raise any red flags as needed. No fainting, hair loss, hunger or light-headedness necessary!

3. Treat the Cause, Not the Symptom

Most primary care physicians know that nutrition, stress reduction, weight management and exercise are important, but may focus less on specific wellness practices or innovations, or simply look to band-aid the symptoms.

Consequently, few health care providers are able to offer clients recommendations much beyond “lose some weight,” or “eat more veggies.”

An Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, however, is prepared to get granular, to drill down and identify the latest and best techniques to help get you the results you (and your doctor) are after. And a qualified Health Coach will keep your primary care physician up to date on your progress, too.

4. Health Coaches Walk Their Talk

As the Founder and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach here at Joia Wellness – I absolutely love what I do, and I’ve lived, breathed and studied wellbeing for decades.

It’s not just about providing support and wellness plans. I’m always on the hunt for the latest in wellness information, analysing nutritional news, testing recipes, sharing tips, attending courses – all to keep expanding my knowledge base every day.

So what does that mean for you as the client? It means that through your Health Coach, you get access to a vast array of personalised information, fresh approaches and answers to keep your health journey interesting, educational and enlightening!

Need ideas on how to handle eating out? How to get your family eating more whole foods?How to get through the upcoming party season? How to shop and prep food for optimal nutrition? How to reduce your stress? Your Health Coach can help you make the best choices and devise a plan that works.

5. Comprehensive Support is Life-Changing!

Making changes to long-held behaviours, beliefs and attitudes is challenging.

Making big changes can also be a lonely road – but not if you have a Health Coach to hold your hand, guide you on the path, help you to stay committed and celebrate all of your wins.

Unlike other practitioners who may offer you a protocol, but leave you to implement it – a Health Coach will be by your side as you trade old habits for new ones, so you don’t have to go it alone.

I like to tell my clients that they’ll get limitless love on their journey. I shower my clients in support, and they know they can reach me at any time with their questions, requests for recipes or to share their wins.

This is also why here at Joia, we’re such big fans of staying in touch. It’s all about offering compassionate feedback, and helping you find the way around any roadblocks.

Whether you’re staring down that packet of Tim Tams or are struggling for breakfast ideas, you’ll always get the support you need!

Ready for Vibrant Health?

If you feel that you’re ready to welcome a Health Coach into your wellness team, to help you with your health challenges, then I warmly invite you to get in touch.

You’ll get absolute clarity on your complete health picture and goals, upgrade your skills, manage stress, get organised, master your mind, and beautifully integrate all of the daily habits you need to transform your life. And you’ll celebrate all of the steps in the right direction along the way!

By working with me, you’ll transform your life and create your healthiest self ever – which is a precious gift you’ll enjoy for years to come.