We believe everyone deserves a vibrant, joyful life.

But sometimes, poor health can hold you back.

Whether it’s binge eating or cravings, stubborn weight gain or fatigue, these behaviours and symptoms can be overwhelming, keeping you in a perpetual state of discomfort and despair. Not to mention, stuck.

And that’s no fun! Especially when there’s a delicious and empowering way out.

Living and believing in wellbeing

As a woman who knows the power of wellbeing (and has lived, breathed and studied it for decades), I’m determined to help as many women as possible to heal their bodies and reclaim their health.

Meet our founder, Tori Vallen

I founded Joia to spread the word that getting healthy doesn’t have to be arduous, and making the right choices can be obvious.

With kindness and a listening ear, I help you unravel tricky health issues and heal the root cause. By digging deeper into behaviours like binge eating, stress snacking, cravings or self-sabotage, you can shift patterns and make permanent change. With an accountability coach, health professional, and food-savvy friend by your side, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. 

From simple and delicious nutrition advice to weight-loss strategies that won’t leave you famished, Joia provides comprehensive coaching for women who want to create a body and a life they love. 

Your journey to wellness


First, we listen

Each 45 minute coaching session is dedicated to youoffering health coaching with heart for a body you love. Your story is important, so tell us what matters to you, what you want out of life and what gets in the way. We’ll be listening.


Then create a 
personalised program

Our personalised plans take your lifestyle, goals and confidence in the kitchen into account. Maybe you need speedy recipes, or an exercise plan you don’t dread. Constantly snacking? We’ll devise strategies to target the root cause rather than relying on willpower alone. Your program is as unique as you are, for results that stick.


We track your progress

At Joia, we’re fans of staying in touch. Not just because we like you, but also to track your progress. Rather than cracking the whip, we offer compassionate feedback and total flexibility. If something isn’t working, we’ll tweak it. Hit a roadblock? We’ll find a way around. Most importantly, you’ll have clarity on your progress and goals – and that’s the best motivation.


Upgrade your 

We set you up to succeed by upgrading your skills. Knowing how to manage stress, how to get organised, how to master your psychology, and how to perform those small, daily habits that add up to transformation is often overlooked in health programs. Not at Joia!


And celebrate 
your success

No matter how small, we celebrate every step in the right direction. By creating a culture of care, positivity and joy, we help you maintain momentum – and pass it on. After all, your health journey will inspire others and contribute to a healthier world. Now, that’s something to celebrate.

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