Stop battling your body. 
Start living with joy.

“Tori is absolutely amazing. She has helped me gain back control of my life and heal my illness with her knowledge and support. I’m forever grateful” – Penny

Health is the heart of everything we do

We live it

Health isn’t just something we talk about: it’s our lifelong occupation. We educate, role model and inspire our clinic members by practicing what we preach.

We listen

With kindness and a listening ear, we help you understand the root cause of your health issues and the strategy you can use to return your body to optimal health.

It’s personal

Our agenda is to understand you. Rather than templates and protocols, we create a strategy that takes into account your  unique preferences. 

It’s delicious

Our simple but nourishing meal plans and programs are designed to satisfy.

If it’s not delicious, it’s off the menu.  

It’s community

No matter your background or challenges, needs or circumstances, you’re welcome at Joia. Our community is a stigma-free and supportive space. 

Joia Wellness gives you all the tools you need to reclaim your health, build better habits and create a body you love. 

Programs to get you feeling, looking 

and performing at your best.


Nutrition Coaching

Comprehensive support for positive & permanent change. We educate, inspire and empower you on the road to your healthier new life.


Health Consulting

Powerful, holistic guidance to address dysfunction & imbalance so you can experience optimal health.

Strategy & Planning

Using the principles of Integrative Nutrition + Functional Medicine we strive to help you reach your goals faster.

When you’re in harmony with your body

That’s joy

bringing wellness to life

Features and insights

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