People have been asking me for years to run a ‘group detox’.

To be honest, I’ve struggled with the concept of ‘detox’ in this context.

A generic program delivered to a group…

It just didn’t sit well with me 🤷‍♀️

… So I continued to mostly only offer ‘detox’ strategies in a 1:1 setting, where support for my clients could be targeted and comprehensive.

But for the last few months, I’ve been feeling called to create an offering which gives a little taste of my coaching programs.

And I’ve settled with the realisation that supporting the body’s innate detoxification processes (by eliminating processed and inflammatory foods and bringing in as many nutrient-dense whole foods as possible) is, in many cases, enough for people to take great strides towards better health .

After all, many of the women in our community are simply seeking to drop weight, sleep better and get more energy.

Some of them don’t have the funds for 1:1 coaching. And some don’t want it or need it.
Plenty of them are simply struggling just to get the foundational health habits into place.

When I thought about WHY that is – I arrived at the conclusion that many women are:

  • lacking accountability
  • isolated from high quality support
  • missing the inspiration they need to take the next step
  • requiring education on WHY cleansing the body is so important

That’s why I created the 5-day Easy Summer Detox : A detox that feels easycommunity-based and FUN.

During the 5-day Detox, you’ll be provided with all the resources you need! 🙌🏻


Here’s what’s included:

  • Access to the JOIA members-only portal, which you can access via an app on your phone if you choose (includes a food and mood journal, an activity and measurements tracker, plus all your modules, documents and tasks for the duration of the 5-day detox)
  • A full meal plan covering all 5 days, so you’ll know exactly what you’re eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Easy, family-friendly recipes covering every meal for all 5 days
  • A shopping list so you know exactly what to you need to have on hand
  • A proven protocol that can help you drop weight, sleep better and get more energy in just under a week
  • A live pre-detox training call (on the evening of Wed 4th January) where I’ll walk you through exactly what we’ll do and what to expect, plus you’ll be able to ask any questions you have (If you can’t make it to the live call a replay will be made available to you)
  • Tons of support from me and from the easy summer detox community via our members-only chat: meet other members, ask questions, receive support from me, share your experiences and support others to hang in there!
  • Daily live Q&A support calls delivered via Zoom (with recordings made available for participants who can’t make it)

We kick off on 8th Feb 2023 with a Pre-Detox Prep module 🎉

Then, day 1 of detox commences Monday 13th February and runs through to Friday 17th February.

During the detox, we will:

  • eat clean
  • live well
  • reduce stress
  • support each other
  • celebrate our achievements
  • reap the many benefits for a long time afterwards.

The price to participate in the Easy Summer Detox is $147 per person



Will you join us? I hope so!

Questions? I’d love to hear from you! Email me at tori@joiawellness.com.au.