As a Health Coach, these are some common questions I receive.
What do you do as a Health Coach?
How can you help me?
Can you actually help me?
Does health coaching really work?
Does it help you to keep healthy & fit?

Spoiler alert : the answer’s YES. To all of the above!

But before we unpack this, can I start by pointing out something alarming?


We have skyrocketing rates of chronic disease & health issues here in Australia. In fact – almost 50% of Australians now live with a chronic illness. (Up from 2 in 5 only 10 years ago)

Almost 50%!

And virtually all chronic disease is preventable.

On top of this, we’re heading for a shortfall of almost 10,000 GPs by 2030, and as you’d already know – your doctor can’t comprehensively deal with complex needs within a standard consult. They don’t have the time available or the training needed to give you a personalised plan to address your diet, physical activity, sleep, and stress management, which are crucial for addressing chronic disease and creating lasting changes.


So, who do you turn to?


Dr Google?


The latest fad diets and superfoods?


Do you attempt to sift through the overwhelming amount of information available on the internet?

Or, do you give me a call?


As the Founder and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach here at Joia, it’s my job to be your wellness detective and work together with you to create a personalised program that fits your individual factors and needs. Then I’ll stay by your side as you make healthy changes and move through any roadblocks.

In short, I’m here to hold your hand and guide you through a holistic approach to wellness – so you can reclaim your health!  

How will a Health Coach help you?


As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I’m here to be your cheerleader, guide, holistic practitioner, clean eating expert, and role model – because I eat, sleep and breathe healthy living.

I absolutely love what I do, and have studied wellbeing for decades.


Across this time & through my certification, I’ve developed a vast understanding of how food affects the body, as well as the knowledge to teach you how your lifestyle can impact your health (from relationships to career, to eating habits, to stress levels).


So then, it’s my job to listen intently to you and tap into my experience and knowledge to:

  • Let you know that getting healthy doesn’t have to be arduous
  • Help you understand your motivation behind a goal
  • Empower you to act as the expert on your own body, mind & situation
  • Help you see the challenges and blind spots that could be preventing change
  • Provide accountability and shower you in support
  • Help you navigate through your health issues and beyond


And… we’ll do all this using strategies that will work – for YOU!

From simple but important lifestyle changes, personalised nutrition coaching and weight optimisation that won’t leave you famished, I’m here to provide you with comprehensive coaching to create a body and a life you love.

A Health Coach will work WITH you

Health coaching is a partnership between you and I.


At Joia, we don’t use the “expert model” you’ll typically see in healthcare — where the practitioner acts as an authority who has all of the answers and sets the agenda.

Instead, my only agenda is to truly understand you and what you need.

Then, rather than turning to templates or set protocols, I take a client-centred approach to unravel any tricky health issues and get to the root cause.

Together, we’ll dig deeper into behaviours like emotional eating and self-sabotage, empower you to take the lead, set your goals, and own their progress.


But I won’t leave you to do it all on your own.

I’ll be there alongside you on your journey, to help you stay committed to where you want to go, address any challenges that come up, and celebrate all your achievements  along the way!

Ready to Stop Battling with Your Body?


I realise I kicked this off with a fairly shocking statistic.


But I truly believe that if we want to solve the doctor shortage, stem the rising tide of chronic disease and treat the person rather than just band-aiding the symptoms, we need a new model of health care that is better equipped to support people in changing their behaviour.


That’s why Health Coaches will play an important role in a more holistic approach to wellness for many years to come.

So, if you’re ready to get out of the body battle zone, and stop feeling stuck, then I’d love to help.


Even moreso, if you’re keen to discover empowering and delicious ways to stay healthy, disease-free and live a long life, then now is the time to start!


Are you ready?


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Tori x